dan, rick, sean.

all three spent the last two years working on a remote construction project in british columbia, burning themselves out and wondering what was next. with a vague gameplan, rick quit in august and headed south to dive in honduras and ride the baja on his harley. sean tried a trip to ethiopia and even a canadian girlfriend but couldn't shake the depression caused by the job. dan immersed himself in his work only to then question his future.

mid december found sean and rick chasing powder in southern colorado. they hatched this plan while drinking delicious american ipa on the road and basking in sunlight on lift rides. they made it official with a handshake over a dirtbag lunch in the wolf creek parking lot. between pints at o'brien's in ouray, the bikes were chosen, the timeline drafted, and the need for a third man became obvious.

meanwhile, dan was in southeast asia, riding a chinese motorcycle through laos and warily eyeing his chicken soup in vietnam. as he sat on the beach in cambodia and contemplated returning to canada, he concluded he was ready for a major life change. as soon as he returned to camp after the new year, sean offered dan that alternative - i'm quitting, and you're invited.